We love the natural world and one of our favorite creatures to observe are snakes. Despite its urban facade Hong Kong is home to a rich ecosystem supporting over 50 species. As a result, encounters by the general public are quite common and unfortunately due to a lack of effective informational resources these encounters can sometimes end in injury to either the snake or the observer. We believe information is the key to ensuring meetings between people and snakes are not only safe but exciting and enjoyable which is why we started HONGKONGSNAKEID.com. Our approach is to provide the public with a tool to help quickly and accurately identify snakes using our own personal photographs along with helpful information organized in an accessible way. Follow us on this site, Instagram and our YouTube channel as we add more species and feel free to contact us at author@hongkongsnakeid.com with questions, suggestions. Also, if you enjoy the content please consider making a small donation below to help us continue our mission!



A long time Asia resident and a life long wildlife enthusiast, Adam relocated to Hong Kong from Japan in early 2016. Eager to discover what Hong Kong's nature scene had to offer he reached out to Rob via one of his websites and quickly struck up a friendship. As with Rob, Adam is an avid photographer and along with his wife and children enjoys exploring Hong Kong's trails and nature preserves.



Rob has lived in Hong Kong for over 25 years and is an experienced photographer, author and naturalist. Throughout his many years in Hong Kong he has encountered animals of all kinds and recently began sharing his observations and research on his website and blog www.wildcreatureshongkong.org. He also works for Kadoorie Farm and the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Happily married and a father of two Rob enjoys experiencing the outdoors from his home in Sai Kung.