• VENOM: Very mild - no known danger

  • PREVALENCE: Very Common

  • ACTIVE PERIOD: Active during the day

  • KEY ID FEATURES: Long and very thin with distinct elongated head and pointy nose, often bright green but occasionally light blue/green and in some locations light brown

  • BEHAVIOR: Largely arboreal, will move into 'S' position while puffing up their throat but rarely bite defensively

  • SIZE: Large - 150 - 200+cm

  • OTHER: Rear fanged and technically venomous but not known to be dangerous to humans



IMPORTANT: Many snakes have significant variance in coloration and pattern even within the same species. There can also be extreme differences in appearance from juveniles to adults so it is important to never assume you have properly identified a snake.


Long and thin with a characteristic elongated pointy head, the Asian Vine Snake is one of the more common species across South East Asia. Often found sleeping in trees or tall grass at night, the Asian Vine Snake is a diurnal species known to hunt lizards and frogs. When full grown they can reach lengths up to 2m. Generally bright green in color but can exhibit blue/green or even light brown color depending on location. Technically venomous but not known to be dangerous to humans.


The Asian Vine Snake will often climb trees, tall grass and or low bushes in search of prey. They will bounce and sway like a long branch or vine as a form of camouflage when evading predators or when trying to ambush prey. Often found sleeping in trees at night. They will move into an ‘S’ shape and puff up their necks defensively when handled or attacked but rarely bite. Occasionally may also open their mouth and gape as well to scare away predators.


Due to their largely arboreal nature Asian Vine Snakes are generally found in forested areas, often close to some water source. They have also been observed hanging from branches over water possibly hunting for fish or amphibians. During the day they can be found in trees, bushes and even on the ground.


NO SNAKE SHOULD EVER BE HANDLED BY ANYONE BUT EXPERTS: The Asian Vine Snake is a unique looking snake and is difficult to mistake with other species especially when considering their arboreal behaviors.